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Join the Conversation of City Builders

Over the past few days you may have noticed something new on OppSites social media accounts. We have been featuring real conversations, desires and interests, from city leaders and real estate professionals throughout California. These videos were collected at the 2017 League of California Cities conference to represent the core of what we do here at OppSites - connect the people who make cities happen, in real time, everywhere.

In these video conversations, you will hear from city leaders about how they want to grow their city. They are all looking for something unique; something to make them distinctive and help them thrive economically. You can hear Warren Gubler, Mayor of Visalia, who is interested in seeing a fulfillment center developed or Heidi Harmon, the Mayor of San Luis Obispo, talk about her city’s interest in new affordable housing projects. You can listen to Rishi Kumar from Saratoga describe the projects that will help his downtown thrive, Gloria Olmos of South El Monte talk about streamlining new retail development, and Christian Horvath from Redondo Beach describe the infrastructure they are working on to set the stage for new development. The common thread among them? These city leaders are taking steps to participate in a wider conversation - a conversation necessary to help their city get stronger and a conversation that happens every day on OppSites.

So what does this mean to you? If you’re a person who helps make cities happen, whether you’re a city leader or happen to be in the real estate profession, opportunities abound. If the recent Amazon HQ2 craze was any indication, cities are hungry for development, and they want a clear and transparent way to interface every day with the development community. OppSites is that platform. We connect real people with real projects to energize development, and make it fly.

We welcome you to the conversation of city builders.

Join. Set interests. Get matched. Build future cities.

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William (Billy) Riggs