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Why 2K?

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This fall we are providing a $2,000 registration refund to one Urban Land Institute (ULI) Fall Meeting attendee. You might wonder why we would offer a refund. While we look forward to this event every year and the dialogue it fosters, the answer can be summed up by two words - Community and Conversation.

The community of real estate professionals building the future of our cities is vast and diverse. There are millions of people who make cities happen globally: real estate professionals, city leaders, service providers, economic developers. While the 6,000 real estate professionals who will gather in Los Angeles for the ULI Fall Meeting next week are participants in city building, they are only a small part of the global real estate and economic development community.

At OppSites our goal is to connect the global community of people who make cities happen, so you can share ideas that give life to new opportunities. We want to break down the silos that limit the flow of information and broaden the dialogue about what is possible in every city.

As for that dialogue, it is driven by conversation. New ideas and partnerships are created in real time every day on OppSites: conversations between real estate professionals searching for opportunities and city leaders trying to bring projects to their communities; connections between economic development leaders trying to revitalize downtowns and architect-developers who can make those projects happen.

So why 2K? The answer is simple. Events like the ULI Fall Meeting are inspiring examples of the power of community and conversation. They create a single location and time for public and private sector real estate professionals to make new connections and participate in new conversations. In doing so they humanize the relationships that lead to stronger cities. We want to do everything we can to foster conversations that extend beyond the walls of the conference center, and to provide everyone, in every location, an opportunity to make connections that lead to opportunities to improve our cities.

Curious about this? If you want to qualify for the ULI Refund, go to and click Matchmaker. Share your personal interest for urban development before 10:00am Thursday, October 26th. Then visit us at the ULI Tech Hub, where we will announce the winner.

Join the conversation today.