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The Conversation Starts Today: Explore the New OppSites Experience

Today OppSites is excited to release the first major overhaul of our website since we launched two years ago, and it’s all about the conversation. We are releasing OppSites Messenger and OppSites Matchmaker to deliver connections among city and real estate professionals, and make development projects happen. Messenger allows you to connect and converse with other public and private sector real estate professionals, and Matchmaker uses sophisticated technology to match you with people based on what you want to accomplish.

While we are excited about this new release, you may be wondering why we chose to do this and for that I offer an apology: We built OppSites more than two years ago to find a better way to align local leaders with a global audience of real estate professionals. Our first product, OppSites Marketplace, empowered local leaders to showcase development sites on a map. We followed the industry sentiment that location mattered most. We figured it was all about the sites. Hence the name, OppSites.

Around this time last year, we noticed that real estate professionals were sending emails to city leaders asking questions about sites, so we built a simple messenger tool to help them connect and talk in real time. And what happened next changed the course of our company, and led to today’s release. Conversations that started as a question about a site quickly expanded.

City leaders used messenger to share insights, and tell real estate professionals about their goals for new development, and real estate professionals used messenger not only to ask questions, but to describe the types of projects they wanted to build, and to see if they might be a good fit. Once people connected, the conversation on OppSites became about more than sites, it became about people and places - about project ideas and possibilities - and this open dialogue gave rise to new opportunities.

We learned that in trying to make our mission about ‘sites’, we had overlooked the people, the conversations, the exchange of ideas, and the relationships that are crucial to making projects happen. After two years of having sites on a map, some people still confused us for a property database, or a listings platform. We had to do something because we are neither of those.

By connecting people, we know that Adam with Long Beach, California is searching for high-rise developers for sites in downtown, and that Denise from Innovation Housing wants to connect with communities where her company can build affordable housing and senior living projects. While this may not seem novel at first, no tool currently exists to energize a conversation about what is possible in every city, and as of today, with Messenger and Matchmaker, we are evolving to help fill that need.

So what do these changes mean to you? Whether you’re an existing OppSites user or signing up for the first time, you will see an easy to use interface where you can state your goals, and connect with others to accomplish them. The Marketplace has evolved too, and now reveals local leaders in over 750 cities who want to converse with real estate professionals. Whether you’re searching for opportunities, or trying to bring new projects to your community, we invite you to join the conversation, and make projects happen.

Feel free to share your thoughts, feedback, and success stories with us at anytime by emailing We look forward to hearing from you.

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