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Bay Area Housing and Mixed-Use Opportunity
 in San Leandro, CA

OppSites is pleased to share this remarkable TOD opportunity to develop a mix of retail, housing and/or office uses at the gateway to downtown San Leandro - home to a thriving downtown, a burgeoning business climate, and only 24 minutes by BART to Downtown San Francisco.


6 publicly-owned parcels for sale through a Request for Proposals (RFP) process.


The City would like to see a dense urban development including a mix of ground floor retail with upper floor residences or office space. Regulations allow for a 3.5 FAR, 75' height max, and density of 35-100 du/ac with density bonus available to encourage urbanization of this unique opportunity site.

The Town Hall Square site sits at the crossroads of 'main and main' just four blocks from the Bart station, across the street from the new Downtown Parking Structure, and has potential to build upon new higher density residential, office, and commercial developments nearby.

RFP responses are due January 31, 2017

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