Join the Conversation of City Builders

Over the past few days you may have noticed something new on OppSites social media accounts. We have been featuring real conversations, desires and interests, from city leaders and real estate professionals throughout California. These videos were collected at the 2017 League of California Cities conference to represent the core of what we do here… Read More

Why 2K?

This fall we are providing a $2,000 registration refund to one Urban Land Institute (ULI) Fall Meeting attendee. You might wonder why we would offer a refund. While we look forward to this event every year and the dialogue it fosters, the answer can be summed up by two words - Community and Conversation.… Read More

The Conversation Starts Today: Explore the New OppSites Experience

Today OppSites is excited to release the first major overhaul of our website since we launched two years ago, and it’s all about the conversation. We are releasing OppSites Messenger and OppSites Matchmaker to deliver connections among city and real estate professionals, and make development projects happen. Messenger allows you to connect and converse… Read More

Preparing for City Building 2.0

The Principles at the Core of a Cultural Shift On September 13th, OppSites will launch an enhanced user experience that instantly connects real estate, city, and economic development leaders so you can share ideas, collaborate and focus on the projects that matter. We are building these new features to break down silos and remove inefficiencies… Read More